«Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience»


Sustainability at the Cresta Palace Celerina

Surrounded by beautiful, partly untouched nature, we are aware that our actions in this sensitive place entail responsibility. That is why we work and live in harmony with nature.  Our commitment is wide-ranging and in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations and the sustainability strategy of «Swisstainable». Our common goal is to contribute to a sustainable tourism in Switzerland. We take the sustainability aspect into account in our daily actions and all our decisions.

Waste avoidance


The maxime is waste reduction and waste avoidance wherever possible!

It is very important to us to avoid (disposable) plastic - in your room you will therefore find unpackaged slippers, ecological and sustainable bathroom items made of cotton, corn starch and wood, packaged in StonePaper made of 100% recycled paper and cardboard.

We do not use rubbish bags and clean your rubbish bin instead.

In your minibar and restaurant, we use glass deposit bottles.

Did you know that your room card is made from FSC certified wood and wood waste?

Residual waste is sorted and professionally disposed of or recycled properly at the Cresta Palace.


The Cresta Palace Celerina - like all the other member hotels of the Private Selection Hotels & Tours - participates in the sustainability programme "Swisstainable" and has been classified with the Swisstainable committed certificate since 2022. The sustainability strategy launched by Switzerland Tourism focuses on awareness and enjoyment instead of abstinence. Now that the Swiss Federal Council has committed itself to a climate-neutral Switzerland by 2050, sustainability plays a central role in the tourism industry - the dimensions of environment, society and economy are considered in our joint actions. Did you know? Switzerland is to become the most sustainable destination in the world! You and we are part of this joint journey.



We contribute to reduce our and your ecological footprint through various measures.

We offer guest transfers with our fully electric Cresta Tesla.

You can charge your own electric vehicle at one of our e-charging points.

Thanks to our participation in the «Public Transport inclusive Programme», public transport in the Upper Engadine is available to you free of charge from a stay of 2 nights. The advantage of this - you can experience the unique landscape at any time and reach your destination in an environmentally friendly way. Win-win!

A like Attentiveness, E like Equal Footing, W like Working conditions

At the Cresta Palace, we meet on equal footing - with our guests and with our team members. Mutual appreciation and attentiveness to the individual needs of our employees, flat hierarchies and fair salaries are a matter of course and fundamental to everything we do. Key positions are filled on a gender-equal basis and paid equally. We are proud of our young and dynamic, innovative, multinational and multilingual team.



When choosing our partners, we also make sure that they - just like us - focus on corporate sustainability. Here we would like to tell you about Soeder, Caffè Carlito and Mühldorfer - one produces soap, the other coffee, the last processes down into bedding. All products that we use daily and thus often we do not realise where they come from or how they are produced. What they have in common: the highest quality and sustainability in every aspect! We are proud of our partners - and you will enjoy high-quality and natural care products in refillable glass dispensers as well as an unmistakable aroma of coffee, which is the result of careful selection, hand harvesting and drum roasting according to traditional methods. Thanks to Mühldorfer duvets and pillows, you will fall asleep cosily at 1`700 meters above sea level!


«Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.» – RYUNOSUKE SATORO

With your support we save water and energy - we change your towels when they are on the floor, your bed linen on request. Together we make a small contribution to the careful use of our resources every day.


Also, in the VITA PURA SPA - for the sake of the environment - please only use as many bath towels as you really need.


Green Cleaning – all areas of the hotel are recently cleaned with environmentally friendly micro dry steam devices. The revolutionary advantage: no water pollution through cleaning agents or the use of chemicals. Water consumption is reduced enormously, and germs and viruses are rendered inactive by thermal disinfection. Where necessary, we use ecological cleaning agents for a perfectly clean result. Positive for our employees - the physical effort is significantly less.


Unspoiled nature

The Engadine is a place to gaze into the distance - definitely. But have you ever taken a look at our uncultivated wildflower meadow in summer? A veritable paradise for insects, animals and flowers!

Equally remarkable is the old tree population in the hotel park - a perfect nesting place for birds.

Nature has also found its way into the interior of the hotel - in keeping with earlier times. Thanks to an intelligent plant concept by the company «oxygen at work» the indoor climate is sustainably optimised.

Local products


Switzerland offers a treasure trove of high-quality food. When selecting our products, we pay attention to the highest quality and taste, short transportations and we value close partnerships with our producers and suppliers. We do not only serve delicious food, but also do something good for our environment.You will therefore find a variety of regional products on our breakfast buffet. Our local suppliers include «Lataria Engadinaisa », the highest situated dairy in Europe, the alpine cheese dairy in Pontresina, «Rusti's» eggs from Cazis and «Bäckerei Bad» in St. Moritz.



At the Cresta Palace Celerina, it is part of our daily business to offer our guests individual and tailor-made holidays. Some of our newly renovated Cresta rooms are wheelchair accessible. You can reach our restaurants by lift. Let us know your individual needs and wishes!



The Cresta Palace, with its size, range of services and age, consumes a lot of energy – therefore, we are constantly reviewing our processes and are questioning where we can save energy, thus saving resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

The gradual replacement of light bulbs with LEDs is a self-evident measure, the installation of sensors and timers in the guest and staff areas, optimization of electricity peaks and the increasing of staff awareness are further steps. Positive effect of the renovation of the west wing: energy efficiency.

According to the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW) and in comparison, with other hotels of similar size, we perform very well in the industry benchmark in terms of electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.