time to live


time to live

enjoy the summer

When all the swimming, paddling, surfing, sailing or kiting is done, you will sit at the shore of a lake, let your thoughts run free and forget about all your cares. After your hikes, climbing adventures, golf tournaments, jogging or training sessions, you will simply stretch out on a mountain meadow and watch the sky. Does anyone need anything more to be happy? Perhaps not. However, it is still good to know that more things await you at the Cresta Palace Hotel. A large spa area. A stylish Grand Restaurant. A “Ristorante” with Italian delicacies.


Closer to heaven

What else can we say about the upper reaches of the Engadine? The countless peaks, the silver of the lakes, and the green of the meadows and forests speak for themselves. You may find the words to do justice to hidden mountain cabins, ancient forests and other surprising discoveries on the more than 580 kilometers of clearly signposted hiking trails. Or maybe a short walk is enough to catch a few secret words whispered by a quiet stream.