time to live


time to live

enjoy the summer

When all the swimming, paddling, surfing, sailing or kiting is done, you will sit at the shore of a lake, let your thoughts run free and forget about all your cares. After your hikes, climbing adventures, golf tournaments, jogging or training sessions, you will simply stretch out on a mountain meadow and watch the sky. Does anyone need anything more to be happy? Perhaps not. However, it is still good to know that more things await you at the Cresta Palace Hotel. A large spa area. A stylish Grand Restaurant. A “Ristorante” with Italian delicacies.


Only where you have been on foot have you really been - J.W. von Goethe

However, 580 kilometers of well-signposted hiking trails are companions through the Engadine - leisurely and wide to exposed trails in high alpine terrain. May we give you a tip?

Discover the Engadin and let us advise you. We probably don't know every meter yet either, but together we definitely have a good recommendation for you, from the easy mountain tour with a mountain lake and an unobstructed view of 4000m mountains to challenging tours with a real summit experience. If you want to go even higher we work with patented mountain guides.

Tesla Experience


A Tesla. A picnic basket. A drive into the blue.

Sounds good, doesn't it? We make it possible! For example, with a tour to S-Chanf, over the Albula Pass to Lake Palpuogna? Or over the Bernina Pass to the glacier mills in Cavaglia? In autumn a trip to the chestnuts in Soglio?


What are we going to do today? Cresta Palace takes the sting out of this dreaded question: the summer activities, the mountains and lakes make boredom impossible. And when the kids are busy, grown-ups can star t to relax. Unforgettable holidays are the result.

The beauty of the lake plateau, located at an elevation of 1,800 meters has inspired many poets and thinkers. Besides the four big lakes (St. Moritz, Silvaplana, Champfèr and Sils) a large number of romantic mountain lakes are hidden in the forests. Experience the magnificent mountain scenery with us on a comfortable e-bike tour in the direction of the Val Fex. The easy e-bike tour takes about 3 – 4 hours


After some important information about dealing with goats and getting to know each other, combing, putting on holsters, we will cross the fascinating Engadine landscape via stick and stone. At an idyllic place there is a refreshment from the backpack followed by returning to the pasture/stable.

Goat's Trekking

and picnic

After a short transfer and a twenty-minute walk to the climbing garden, you will get a briefing / instruction. Start of an easy climbing and abseiling – fun for kids and adults. Return to parking place and transfer to hotel.

climbing & abseiling

for kids & adults

Explore Lake St. Moritz with board and paddle: Balance and muscles are
required here, because all muscles are trained during this relaxing activity.This trendy sport is suitable for all ages and here in the Engadine, it can only be practiced in the morning due to the wind.

Stand up Paddling

SUP Tour

In the Kids Bike League, children learn the most important bike skills such as balance, coordination and braking techniques in a playful way.

In the groups «Gämsli» (approx. 5-7 years), «Staiböck» (approx. 8- 12 years) and «Flow Xperience» (approx. 10-14 years) we improve the skills of your kids. The course starts in the practice area with the technique training and in the second part we go off into the open terrain.

bike fun for kids

easy - medium