Golf Unlimited


Unlimited golf in the Engadine

With the golf courses Samedan, Zuoz/Madulain and Kulm, the Engadine offers the nature-loving golfer challenging championship courses that could hardly be more different.

Unlimited golfing on the golf courses Samedan & Zuoz-Madulain from 2 nights with us at the Cresta Palace Celerina.

Golf course Samedan in the beautiful Engadine in summer

Golf unlimited

Cresta Palace Cup

Good Game

On August 07, 2024, it's that time again - the legendary Cresta Palace Golf Cup will take place on Switzerland's oldest golf course in Samedan. You have to admit, there are hardly more beautiful places to play a golf tournament in the middle of summer at 1,700 meters above sea level. Book your stay with us now an come hit a few golfballs!

Golf unlimited

Golfer beim Abschlag im Sandbunker


Unlimited golf! Nowhere is the green so green. With the course license you are ready for the dream of every golfer - unlimited golfing on the two golf courses of the Engadin Golf Club in Samedan and Zuoz-Madulain. Our guests have been enjoying the special courses up here for a long time, as can be seen in the picture of the hotel brochure from 1949. It is not for nothing that the oldest golf club in Switzerland is located here - HOME OF SWISS GOLF SINCE 1893.

Bookable from 2 nights.
Select Golf Unlimited as an extra when booking.